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起来! ARISE! (Whispers on paper)

Tipo di progetto

Short movie



Short movie - 7'40"

Following the 2022 protests in China, a determined young woman flees the crackdown on mass demonstrations against government restrictions, using A4 paper as a powerful symbol of protest. The short film “起来! (Qǐ lái)! ARISE! - (Whispers on paper)” explores resilience and determination in the face of oppression, culminating in an act that challenges the system and celebrates collective strength in the fight for freedom.

Now in the film festivals' application and selection process, it will be available to the public shortly.

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Director's note
At the heart of "起来! ARISE!", lies a deep affection for China and its people. The short film explores the courage of those who peacefully resist government restrictions. The symbolism, although intense, is a tribute to the collective strength in the fight for freedom. My intention is exclusively to exalt individual determination and celebrate cultural richness, hoping that the viewer perceives the message of love and solidarity, far from any propaganda intent.

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